If you still have doubts, just taste the wines!


Yes, after your visit to the winery and vineyards you can taste our selection of wines. Choose the package you prefer – we’re expecting you!

If you are energetic, love nature and want to know more about the work that goes into a glass of Etna wine to make it unique, we suggest you try the Etna Experience Full. (link to the page)

Yes, if you’re going to keep them a long time in your cellar. That way the wine stays in contact with the cork, keeping it damp and elastic, and forming a perfect seal that stops oxygen getting into the bottle.

No, if you’re going to drink the wine within a few months of purchase. In that case you can store it upright.

An Etna red can happily lie forgotten in the cellar! It’s one of the longest-ageing wines in the world, although that can depend on the year. The general rule is that the longer the wine has aged in barrel, the longer it can age in bottle.

Our Etna reserve red spends 24-36 months in large (over 3,000 litre) oak and chestnut barrels. All our reds are aged in large barrels, though, so they have great ageing potential, around 10-15 years.

Things are slightly different for wines aged in small barrels (barriques and tonneaux), where micro-oxygenation, the basis of ageing, is faster and can reduce the time a wine will age in bottle.

A bottle of our Etna red wine is normally ready to drink when it is sold. After bottling, we leave the wine to rest in the bottle for at least 12 months, in some cases more than two years. The Koiné reserve, for example, gets more than 24 months, while for Petralava we wait over 12 months.

The longer the wine ages in our cellars, the softer it becomes, acquiring tertiary aromas, the most complex and evolved aromas and flavours.

If you want to find out more about the development of a wine from year to year and increase its value, leave it to age in your cellar. We advise buying 3 or 6 bottles of the same vintage to experience its improvement.

To taste Etna red wine at its best, even the oldest vintages, 1-2 hours is usually more than enough.
The pleasure of tasting a wine comes in part from taking it slowly, allowing time to appreciate all the nuances of its gradual development, from the initial “closed” phase through to the explosion of aromas and flavours when it “opens up”. Each sip becomes a new discovery. The trick is to pour a little of the wine at a time into an appropriate glass, wide but tall, and then swirl it gently to let it breathe.

Etna red wine is very stable and clear. After ageing in large barrels it is racked into large stainless steel containers to settle for 3-4 months before bottling. This gives time for the sediment to clear. When it is bottled, it is also filtered so it is unlikely to produce any sediment in the bottle, even after many years in a cellar. A decanter can certainly help to reduce the breathing time for older vintages, but for our Etna wines it is not strictly necessary.

The recommended temperature for each Antichi Vinai wine is printed on the back label and you will also find it on the product fact sheet.

The accepted wisdom is that whites should be chilled, while reds never should be. In fact, the choice depends on several factors.
A young red wine made in a particular way, like our Asanguefreddo for example, lends itself to being chilled. We recommend putting it in the fridge for about 1 hour before tasting it.
With the Etna red, on the other hand, you should follow the rules for serving big, age-worthy wines: 16-18° C is ideal. If your surroundings are very warm, reduce the serving temperature a couple of degrees, because if you pour a wine at 18° C into warm glasses when the ambient temperature is 30° C or more, it will soon warm up.
Etna red, especially the reserve, is a high-alcohol wine so a high temperature, which increases the alcohol warmth, may make it feel heavy, unbalanced and not very pleasant to drink.

Yes. Even though we use some additives of animal origin, such as egg-white, casein and caseinates, isinglass and gelatine, during some phases of vinification (for example, clarification), it has been scientifically proven that no residues of these products remain in the wine, as they precipitate out completely during clarification.

Thanks to the low levels of sulphites, we can guarantee that our wines won’t give you this problem. Doubtful? Try it and see!

This flavour comes from corks that have been attacked by a mould of the cork-oak tree. It can sometimes affect the organoleptic properties of the wine and is often confused with pronounced woody or toasty flavours in wine.

Should you find one or more wines are corked, contact us and send us the affected bottle(s). The bottle(s) must be at least 2/3 full and have the original cork(s). The bottle(s) should be sent in appropriate/original packaging to protect it/them from damage.
Once we receive the bottle(s) in line with these instructions, our technician will verify the defect and, if/when it is confirmed, we will replace the relevant bottle(s).


Once you have chosen the experience you want to try, fill in the form with your details, the number of people and the name of the package. You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the details, the total cost and payment methods.

Yes, we advise pre-booking (link to page) to get the time and tasting you want. You should book at least 1-2 working days in advance. However, don’t hesitate to contact us at the last minute to check the availability of an experience.

Around an hour, at most an hour and a half or two, depending on the tasting package you choose.

The visits are suitable for everyone, experts and beginners alike. The level of detail in the information is based on how much guests know.

A tour of our winery allows everyone, expert or not, to increase their knowledge of the art of wine and of Etnas extraordinary terrain.

You can satisfy all your curiosity in our winery, speaking directly to those who make the wine from vineyard to bottle – and even discover some of the secrets of making it!

Yes, it can be found in the details of each package.

We welcome groups of all sizes, both private and tour groups. However, we suggest you book in advance so that we can be properly organised for your visit.

Yes. It’s best to book to ensure we are ready for you.

Tours can be taken:

  • Monday to Friday, 10 am – 5 pm
  • Saturday, 10 am – 12 noon.

For groups of 6 or more, the following times are also available:

  • Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm
  • Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm.

Yes, there is an internal parking area where you can leave your vehicle (car, camper van, coach) securely during the visit.

If they are small, and in an appropriate carrier, they can come and join you in your experience. If they are larger, or you have no carrier, we can look after your four-legged friend securely in the internal courtyard.

Yes, and at a reduced price, as long as they are with an adult. Instead of wine, they can have a soft drink with their food. The number of under-18s taking part should be mentioned when booking.

Yes. Guests with disabilities will be guided to the vehicle entrance so that they can reach the winery, and to the lift that will take them to the tasting room and barrel cellars.

All the Experience packages include a guided tour of the winery and a wine tasting; you can also include a tour of the vineyard and food-pairings with local products and gastronomic specialities, depending on the type of package selected.

In the colder months we recommend a jacket, as the temperature in the ageing cellars is at least 10° C lower than in the tasting room.

If your visit includes a tour of the vineyards it is wise to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. For trekking on Etna it is sensible to wear walking shoes or boots appropriate for long walks.

Yes, they are. However, it is important to give the details of numbers and type of food problem on the booking form. Our staff will contact you by phone or email to make sure that the dishes/ingredients will be suitable.

Yes, we will choose suitable substitutes for you, but it is important to specify this when completing the form.


Yes. You can buy your wine at the end of your visit/tasting or through the company’s shop at 49 Via Castiglione in Passopisciaro. We are open Monday to Friday 8.30-1.30 and 2.30-5.30, and on Saturday 8.30-12.30.

Choose from single bottles, gift packs or boxes of 6 bottles, including mixed.

Scegli fra le bottiglie singole, le confezioni regalo multiple o le scatole da 6 bottiglie, anche miste.

Yes. Using trusted couriers, we send the wines you choose directly to your house. You can order them in our online shop any time. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a welcome code and keep updated for the subscriber promotions we offer from time to time!

Yes. We have a shop in Riposto (CT), at 48 Corso Italia, but you can also find our wines in other wine-shops. If your favourite wine-shop doesn’t stock them, ask us for your nearest stockist. And remember, you can always order online. Visit our shop!

You can pay in cash or with any major credit card.

Yes. The wines are sent by courier and sealed in special boxes. Should they arrive damaged, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at with a photo, the name of the product and shipping details. We will send a replacement or a good discount to be used for your next order.

Delivery times depend on the destination country. In Italy we guarantee delivery within 7 days from receipt of your order. Orders are processed Monday-Friday.

No, you can buy anything from a single bottle to a whole pallet. You can also choose gift boxes. The transport cost depends on the quantity being sent, the weight and the distance.

It Italy, delivery is free for orders over a certain size.

Yes. You can ask for an order to be changed if it hasn’t already been sent. Contact us.

Yes, contact us at the email address to ask for one.

Some products are offered with a promotional price for a period of time or for limited quantities, using a coupon. At the end of the promotion, the product is available at the list price. Some promotions are run again, sometimes immediately. So we advise signing up to the newsletter to stay up to date and not miss your chance.


Our best-selling wine is definitely Neromosso: it meets every customer requirement and teetotallers enjoy it, too. Do you have a teetotal friend? Give them some!
The wine is appreciated for being easy drinking and versatile with food: from aperitif to pizza, fish dishes and sushi.

Connoisseurs tend to prefer our Etna DOC Reserve Red KOINÈ for its mouth-filling body and its huge aromatic profile that develops with every sip.

Lovers of bubbles choose the 1877 Metodo Classico, which partners any food without difficulty.

Let’s not forget Bollenere, the best wine for a toast, to accompany the whole meal, or to enjoy in the Etna spritz version! This well-structured sparkler makes everything better!

Yes, our passion for vines and wines has been passed down for 5 generations. Alongside the family team there are also many highly-qualified professionals in the various operation sectors of the business.

We have no certification to say so but we are close to organic. In the vineyard we use natural products based on copper and sulphur and in the winery we use physical methods to stabilise the wine. We reduce our sulphite use by maintaining good hygiene, using nitrogen and filtration.

Because we have been making wine for 5 generations, we protect the land with care and our winery is independent throughout the process, from growing the grapes to bottling the wine. We have our clients’ satisfaction at heart. We have a wide range of products that we make carefully in cellars cut into the lava rock, at controlled temperatures, to guarantee their quality.


No. Since the ‘90s we have also produced sparkling wines. We began with the Charmat method (Bollenere), then started making our Neromosso sparkler; finally, in 2011, we expanded the range with the Classic Method Etna DOC (1877). What connects them is the grapes: Nerello Mascalese vinified as a white wine in every type of bubbly to suit every wine-lover and occasion.

For over a century we have been based on the northern slope of Etna. You’ll find us at Passopisciaro, the heart of the Etna wine region and the Gangemi family production centre.

Here we make wines you’ll love: we’d be delighted to welcome you and tell you our story and that of the highest active volcano in Europe. See the map.

The vineyards we cultivate for our wines are scattered on every slope of the Etna DOC zone, and we only grow native vine varieties. In front of the winery we have around 3 hectares of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante: if you book a visit you’ll see them. Curious? Come and see us.

Our vineyards are treated with organic fertiliser as we try to reduce the number of chemical treatments we use: normally we do no more than 3 treatments a year, thanks to the wonderful Sicilian climate. We treat the vines depending on the requirements of the season, the soil, the vines and the weather.

No. We are very traditional. From the harvest to pruning and canopy management, we do everything by hand. We do have little tractors and cultivators to work the soil.

The Etna DOC RED and ROSÉ wines can be made with minimum 80% Nerello Mascalese and the remainder Nerello Cappuccio.

Etna DOC WHITE may be made with minimum 60% Carricante and the remainder Catarratto.

Etna DOC Classic method sparkling wine can be made with minimum 60% Nerello Mascalese, vinified white, with up to 40% of other appropriate varieties cultivated in Sicily.

Yes. We make one sweet wine using naturally sun-dried Malvasia grapes on the island of Salina. Try it!